The crypto trading and market data API
Connect to every major exchange with only a few lines of code.
We work with...
One API, every exchange
We integrate with exchanges so you don’t have to. Write code once and support every exchange with our universal interface.
Historical and live data
Directly access live data for thousands of markets and study trends with billions of historical data points.
Intelligent trading algorithms
Get the best rates for trades using automated smart order routing or build custom strategies using our real-time order management system.
Trading bots
Automate trading strategies on over 15 cryptocurrency exchanges. Connect to exchanges through our cloud infrastructure to access user account information, execute trades, and collect market data.
Portfolio tracking
Query real-time changes to crypto exchange accounts. Track the balance of a portfolio over time across exchanges.
Index funds
Rebalance a diversified portfolio with our world-class intelligent rebalancing system. Implement an index fund strategy with only a few API requests.
Data analytics
Generate live market signals with our real-time websockets or REST APIs. Aggregate data across exchanges without developing custom infrastructure for each exchange.
Trading terminal
Build responsive trading terminals with universal live websockets, real-time trading endpoints, and historical OHLCV candlesticks.
Historical strategy backtesting
Study the performance of trading strategies over the long-term by accessing one of the largest databases of historical crypto exchange data. Shrimpy offers order book snapshots, tick-by-tick trade data, and OHLCV candlesticks that date back to 2013.
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